James Garner Corvette Racing  

                                          1968  Chevrolet Corvette                                                 

American International Racing 1968 Corvettes

Old photo's were taken of the AIR cars in January of 1968 at Dick Guldstrand's
Culver City shop by Bob Wingate of Clippinger Chevrolet

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AIR Reunion Party at Petersen Automotive Museum
Restoration Progress of the AIR Promo car

James Garner is greeted by Dick Guldstrand upon arrival at the Culver City shop

The Guldstrand R&D shop was a beehive of activity in preparation for the 1968 Daytona 24 hour race

The spare "promotional" car was titled and street driven. It was to be used for spares for the #44
and #45 car. Restoration is currently under way to return the car to the state it was in this photo

Enthusiasm was high during the preparation of these cars for Daytona

James Garner with Bob Wingate. Wingate was instrumental in pulling this L88 Corvette deal together

Traco was the shop next door that prepared the motors for the 3 cars. Dave Herlinger still has one of them!

Racing tales in the making.

The happy group around Bob Wingate's aluminum head L89 fire breathing street car

The whole crew is in on the action

After the Daytona race a special appearance by James Garner and 2 of the cars was held at Clippinger's

A good sized crowd including beauty queens turned out to see James Garner and the cars

The Clippinger showroom with someone making a fashion statement

Current photo's of the #44 and #45 car by Dave Herlinger and his brother Jim
Dave performed a brilliant restoration of the #44 car and Guldstrand returned to race it
at the
Monterey Historic Races in 1999

Jim Herlinger with Dick Guldstrand in front of the restored #44 at the 1999 Monterey Historic races

The restored #44 car at
Sears Point

The #44 restored chassis before the body was put on

The #45 car as found by Dave Herlinger

An autographed group shot 

 Bob Radke who currently owns and is restoring the promo car

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